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Sarah McLachlan, Joni Mitchell,… meet Lynn Maas. With the help of some special heavy-hitter musical friends, including Ben Smith from the band "Heart" and Don Garberg of "Chicago" fame, Lynn Maas' debut release, Wingless Angel, is sure to capture the imagination of music aficionados everywhere. Her CD is a return to the heyday of the female Singer-songwriter.

Lynn Maas is a Seattle based artist with a talent for melding meaningful lyrics with lush melodies, provided with the assistance of producer Daniel Christopherson.  The first single, “Soul Rendezvous,” Maas notes, "…is a song about soul mates, reincarnation and finding the same person over and over in the various lives that I believe we all live." She adds, "My lyrics are deeply personal, but I feel strongly this album has something at its core that we all can relate to."

Many of Lynn’s songs speak of empowerment, self discovery and exploration of new beginnings.  The title track, “Wingless Angel,” is a powerful song, with an existential theme reaffirming the individual, as well as the gift and responsibility of free will.  “My Life Began,” Maas’ current single, addresses the dance of relationships and the sharing of a life, the strength to embrace past mistakes and the freedom to begin again.

Lynn has been honing her songwriting technique for the better part of a decade. With the benefit of 11 strong tracks, Wingless Angel has the potential to bring the talented singer-songwriter to the forefront of the pop music scene. Lynn concludes, “My message is simple. I want to reflect on what I see around me and shed light on subjects, while simultaneously keeping a positive outlook.” On Wingless Angel, she does just that.

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